What is SKAZ(ka)?

SKAZ(ka) is an indie startup game developer. We believe that you don't need to have tons of money, the best software, or a pre-existing fan-base to make a great game. Our approach to game design is strategic. Some companies pander to specific niche groups, attempting to sell them something based on identity. Others try to appease the masses by avoiding sticky subjects, using a bandwagon approach. But truly good games transcend petty differences in our culture and attempt to show you another reality. We are SKAZ(ka), and we will make games that will take you beyond what you can see and what you know.

What does it mean?

SKAZ(ka) has multiple meanings. Aside from being a condensed form of the director's name, it is the conjunction of the russian words "skaz" and "skazka." The word "skaz" means realistic oral narrative that takes on the persona of the character, while "skazka" is equivalent to the term "fairy tale." This seperated but conjoined term embodies the director's writing style of juxtaposing realism with a touch of the supernatural.

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